What to expect within this course?

This module is designed to set a solid foundation and teach you a unique way of analyzing the market. It eliminates all the noise and brings a fresh perspective of the market.

  • Comprehensive video lectures with textbook and real-time examples.

  • Assignments to test your skills and receive feedback and evaluation.

  • Personal Money & Risk management plan. Introducing the first steps of building a fortune.

Course Curriculum of TFW 1.0

Introduction to Price Action Trading

  • 1


    • Before you start!

    • Introduction and Breakdown of all Modules and Community!

    • About me

    • How to approach the course

    • Trading Platforms: Charting and Execution

    • Forex Brokers - Which one to choose?

  • 2

    Risk & Money Management

    • Why you MUST understand and learn Risk&Money management?

    • Analyzing your Risk Profile and Objectives

    • The Holy Grail of account growth! RRR

    • How to calculate your risk per trade?

    • How to manage your Money and Risk. My Personal money management plan!

    • Your Risk & Money Management Plan

  • 3

    Price Action Introduction

    • What is Price Action?

    • How your charts should look like?

  • 4

    Market Structure

    • Why is Market Structure so important?

    • 3 types of Market! No overcomplication rule.

    • Market Structure in Trending Market

    • Market structure in Consolidating Market

    • How do we ''flow'' with the market?

    • Zooming in on Market Structure. How to identify it like a PRO?

    • The Process of reading Market Structure

    • Identify the 3 types of structure!

  • 5

    Market Formation

    • What are Market Formations and which ones we are going to use?

    • DT and DB Formation. 3 types

    • DTLH and DBHL Formation

    • BRTL Formation

    • BRS Formation

    • H&S Formation

    • Identify the Market Formations!

  • 6

    Candlestick Formations and Psychology

    • What are Candlestick Formations?

    • Highest-probability Candlestick Formations

    • Why you DO NOT need Candlestick Formations? Psychology behind and Bank Manipulation.

    • Additional Material

  • 7


    • Which Timeframes to use?

    • What is the task for every Timeframe?

    • Identifying Market Behavior

  • 8

    Entries, Execution and Management

    • How do we enter the market as Day Traders?

    • Market Orders

    • The Fanatic way of entering the market

    • Entry Criteria

    • Managing a running trade. Turning Daytrades into Swingtrades

    • Complete step by step process of executing a trade

  • 9

    Trading Sessions and Fundamentals

    • The best time to trade. Sessions and manipulation

    • How to approach Fundamentals and News Releases?

    • Holding trades overnight/weekend. A tip for avoiding slippage

  • 10

    Creating a Trading Plan

    • Creating your Trading Plan from scratch

  • 11

    Introduction to Psychology and Emotions

    • What is Trading Psychology?

    • How emotions reflect on your trading performance?

    • What to do when feeling down and disheartened?

    • Best Books and Resources to look at

  • 12

    End Notes and Advice

    • Backtesting Process

    • Live Backtest of 1H engulfing strategy

    • Work & Trading Balance. How to trade while working?

    • What to do now?