Isn't it time to:

  • Stop jumping from strategy to strategy and being completely lost when you open a chart?

  • Stop taking trades from the wrong places and having stop losses, without knowing what went wrong?

  • Stop second-guessing and doubting. Not knowing When, How, Why to enter a trade?

  • Stop lacking confidence, because of past failures and blown accounts?

  • Stop letting Fear and Greed sabotage your performance, after a period of success?

  • Stop losing Funded Accounts due to lack of discipline, patience and a systematic plan?

  • Stop giving your employer control over your finances, freedom and future?

What is included in the program?

Trading is one of the most complicated businesses out there. The market is designed to manipulate and confuse us on a daily basis. That’s why we need the right tools, strategy and mindset to successfully operate in this competitive market.

  • The Fanatic Way Course Module: Carefully designed to take both beginner to advanced traders by the hand and guide them through all the ups and downs, towards stress-free and systematic trading.

  • The FanaticFlix Module: Live Weekly Webinars + 75 hours of webinars and workshop recordings, because a course is never enough.

  • Live Trading Sessions: Trading Live, together, because who wants to trade on their own, especially when learning.

  • Tailored Assignments: Want to be profitable in 6 months? Put in the work! Multiple assignments are included, all being reviewed by mentors with tailored feedback. We pay attention to each member!

  • Trading Community: “Your Network is your Net Worth.” Become part of motivated, like-minded and accountable community of traders who will push you to the limits.

The Fanatic Way Course

A NO BS Trading Course! 16 modules, 120 comprehensive lessons.

The aim of the course is to eliminate all the noise and fluff you have learned so far and introduce a powerful and proven approach to analyzing and trading the forex, indices and futures market in a simple and systematic way.

The trading course caters to all types of traders (beginner-advanced) and teaches the content in a step-by-step, chronological order. Each concept is solidified by an assignment.

The course covers all essentials:
How to craft a Professional Risk and Money Management.
How to understand and analyze Market Structure in a mechanical way (no guessing).
How to systematically perform Top-Down Analysis.
How and when to Entry, Exit and Manage your trades.
How to master Timeframes correctly.
How to master Supply and Demand concepts.
How to understand Liquidity and Fake Outs.
How to Journal correctly.
Trading Plan Template, Ebooks, Flow Charts, Strategy Summary.
  and much more...

The results:

 Complete clarity of what you look for when you sit on your charts. All it takes is a few minutes to analyse.
 A systematic, proven system that you trust at 1000%. No more doubt, second-guessing or hesitation.
 Obtain incredible discipline and stop overtrading, because you know what you look for.
 Know exactly how to find, enter, manage and exit trades with precision.
 Fall in love with trading once again!

The FanaticFlix

Your new Netflix! 120+ hours of Additional Content.

One episode a day to learn our successful way!

Is a course enough? Ever studied a course, only to be left hanging afterward? 

That's not the case here! Save time and speed up your way to consistency with our:

Webinars, Workshop, Bootcamps and Live Trading Sessions, to help you sharpen up your trading skills.

You will participate in:
Comprehensive Trading Setups breakdowns with full transparency.
Live Fundamental & Macro Economic outlook sessions.
Live Backtesting sessions.
Live Workshops, where we practice the concepts together.
Trading Psychology Talks and Mastermind.
Introduction of New Concepts and Refinements.
Live Trading Calls recordings (if you cannot participate live).
and much more...

The benefits:

 Solidify all your learnings. Never get left behind.
 Experience how the strategy works in real-time with real performance reviews.
 Get the opportunity to get your performance reviewed.
 Learn how to put all the pieces of the strategy together.
 Never miss the big moves, as we catch them together.
 Keep learning and becoming a better trader with 1% every day.

But Wait! There's a Big Bonus included!

Our Program is not just a course. You also get exclusive access to the Resources, 1-1 Support and Community you need to dominate the market today, tomorrow and for always! The market constantly changes, so do we!

  • Daily Market Breakdown & Live Trading

    You will be provided with an Exclusive Watchlist and Detailed Analysis every single day before Frankfurt open. This will help you prepare for the day and see the strategies develop in real-time, which makes you progress faster. Mentors will call trade setups live, so we can all capitalize together. Get to participate in our Live Trading Sessions, where the whole community trades live.

  • 24/7 Support & 1-1 Sessions

    Have a question or a doubt? Want to have a 1-1 session for a trading plan review? With us, you are never left behind. We are here to help anytime! Just ping us in Discord and everyone is willing to help. Mentors are there constantly for immediate help.

  • Exclusive "Fanatic" Community

    Hang around motivated, hard-working and dedicated Fanatics from all around the world, where you can chat, share charts, be coached, find accountability partners and make lifetime connections. This way your journey is way more enjoyable!

Pricing Plans

You can choose either a One-Time or Three Monthly Installments option. You will be granted access to all features immediately, no matter which option you choose.

  • €897,00

    One-time payment. You receive Lifetime access to all modules, community, future updates and mentorship.

    Get started now!
  • 3 x €299,00

    Three Monthly Installments

    Get started now!

About me:

Currency Trader, Investor, Entrepreneur Iliya Sivkov

Hey, I’m Iliya Sivkov and my mission is to provide the most comprehensive, transparent, genuine and no-BS trading and investing education online. I am a passionate trader, investor and entrepreneur, who’s crossed over €250k in profit in the last 2 years. I've been trading the Forex market for 5 years and it provides me with capital to actively invest in the Stock market and different projects to build Wealth and Passive Income. My first three years of trading were a complete struggle – shifting strategies, suffering big drawdowns, failing challenges and being depressed to the brink of giving up. Having gone through all the ups and downs and transcending them, I have a burning passion for helping and educating aspiring traders, that want to turn trading into an income-accelerating machine, but struggle to do so. I know how disheartening and frustrating the journey can be, so allow me to take you by the hand and show you the right and profitable path.


See what students think about the mentorship:

Ethan Gage

Trying to navigate my way through the trading realm with many paths you can go down was difficult and confusing. One of the best decisions I made was joining this Trading Fanatic community. The amount of support you get brings such relief, almost every trader in the community has gone through what you're going through so there is no such thing as asking a ‘stupid’ question in the group. Comparing the price to many other courses I saw, this is extremely affordable for the amount of quality info support and trading plan you get. You will be presented with a course you must finish which is set up and explained in such detail. If you ever have any questions you will have the discord group to ask anything you may be confused about. My experience with Iliya Silkov, the pro trader who runs this course, has been amazing!! He is heavily involved in the community along with many other pro traders who help the newer people. Iliya spent over 2.5 hours of his valuable personal time helping me, just a regular member, go over my trades I've backtested. Iliya also personally answered many of my questions. I’ve never felt so assured of myself and my trading career until I joined the Trading Fanatic and met Iliya. I'm very confident you will not find another pro trader who is so patient about helping new traders try and succeed.

Nacho Barreira

I just want to thank Iliya for the dedication he puts in the group! I got here 9 months ago knowing I needed to improve my trading but didn't really know how to. I was still on a demo account. A couple of months later I was operating systematically with clear rules and strategy. Later on, I became regularly profitable and went into real money. Still improving week after week and learning lots from each webinar we do. Can't really wait to see where this path leads me to, but it is sooo promising. Already thinking of getting funded and starting to manage bigger numbers. Thank you, bro! :)

Theodore Kyle

Since I joined the Trading Fanatic family of Iliya, I learned how to read price action and market structure on the lower timeframes and I am very grateful to Iliya for explaining it very well. Iliya is also a very humble and approachable person you can always connect with him through the community and also in DM. I am also glad that my mentor is making himself be a better trader by backtesting the market and sharing it to us so that we will know the thought process of that certain strategy, and that is what you should look for a mentor like him!!!

Stanislav Petrov

Iliya is an amazing mentor and he explains everything in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. The lectures are very well structured and beginner-friendly. The strategies he teaches have strict and clear rules, which don't allow you to make mistakes and overtrade. Since I became a part of the Fanatic community, my understanding of the market has improved significantly!

Aurel Dicu

In last years (too many years) I've tried to learn to trade forex, for hobby and lost my time. Honestly, I tried so many strategies, but it seemed that none of them was the one I needed. I made some money, then I lost everything, but something made me keep pushing. Four and a half months ago, I accidentally discovered a video that made a forex analysis for the week ahead (VOL 42) and I was immediately captivated by the way the analysis was presented, by the pleasant voice and the encouraging tone and confidence of the speaker and by the simplicity of his strategy. In the next two days I watched all the weekly analysis posted before and the explanations that the brave voice presented and I can say that I learned something new and actually beneficial from those videos. Of course I finally saw the man behind the voice and this is how I discovered Iliya Sivkov and his market-structure strategy. The rest is history, I joined the Trading Fanatics community and to be honest, my whole approach to trading has been changed 100%! Personally, thank you Iliya for the time, energy, dedication and knowledge you share with us!

Walter Föhringer

Starting with CFDs in 2014 I had no clue, how the market moves. Therefore I traded like gambling and scrapped my first account in a few month. Then I tried to learn, I saw tons of Videos about market structure, price action and pattern. But no one of this guys published a clear strategy, how to enter the market and where to take profit. So I had a lot of knowledge, but no working strategy and scrapped my second account. Then I got a more detailed course about wolfe waves, ascending broadening wedges, triangles, etc. I traded W1 and D1 timeframes and had therefore to wait weeks to get a 2 R. Still, nothing was clear. Then I saw a video from Iliya and I was surprised how clearly he explains, why and where he opened a trade and took profit. So I gave it a try and booked the lifetime access to his mentorship. Now after 4 weeks at last I have 2 clear strategies that work and the most patient and helpful guy I ever met. I promise you, Iliya is really interested in improving your trading skills. He burns for helping other traders to avoid making all the frustrating experiences, the most people have and had. And the best thing, my trading gets more and more successful, and my trading skills improve every single day. I promise you, booking his course was the best decision, and developed my trading on the next level. I hope to see you soon in our trading community. Thank you Iliya for all your work and effort.

Giorgos Giampouras

The Trading Fanatic Community is perfect for those serious about mastering this art and business of trading. The course content is clear and well taught. If you are willing to put in the work, Iliya will try his best to support you throughout your trading journey and make to get you closest to your goals!

Jake Gouwens

I bought *****Fx course last year, but his info and way of teaching wasn’t a good fit, which is why I ended up looking for other people to learn from, which led me to your course. I’m only on the journaling section now and I have to say, after going through all of the training videos in the first course, its honestly the best course I’ve ever gone through! I don’t know if I already told you this yet or not but showing the textbook examples and then live examples right after is a game changer for understanding the concepts. This weekend, I ended up recommending your course to two other friends and one of them already bought it. I usually don’t recommend courses to people, especially friends, but I wanted to pay you back somehow for the immense value you provide in the course. You did well!

Hear what other Fanatics think about the program:

Check out some video testimonials of students that have worked closely with Iliya and have seen results. Have a look at our Trustpilot Reviews as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I purchase The Fanatic Way Module, The FanaticFlix and Fanatic Community separately?

    No! Once you purchase the Program, you get Lifetime Access to absolutely everything we offer + future updates! There are no subscriptions. You will only pay three times if you enroll with the Three Monthly installment option. After the third payment is fulfilled - you are in infinitely.

  • Do you share signals?

    Within the Fanatic Community, we don't share ''signals''. We teach traders how to trade by themselves and take full responsibility for their decisions. You will receive Daily Watchlist and potential setups every day before Frankfurt open. When the session starts, you will be able to trade the setups with other members and mentors in the Live chat. The mentors are always sharing their trades, but never sending them as ''signals''. We host Live Sessions, in which you can participate and trade together with experienced traders.

  • How long do I have access to the Courses and Community?

    Once you purchase the Bundle (or after your second installment), it is a Lifetime Access. You will be able to seize all future updates and be provided with growth opportunities. In case of a failure to process the Second Installment (if you purchase the installment plan), you will automatically be removed from the Courses and Community.

  • How long does it take to become profitable with your teachings?

    We do not share fluff and gimmicks. Trading is a trillion-dollar industry, so becoming profitable in this market can take you months and even years. However, after studying many Fanatic students, the majority manage to get Funded within a period of a Quarter (3 months). For some, it might take a bit more (3-6 months). But if you stay with us for more than a Quarter, your trading will improve drastically - guaranteed! Then, it's all about solving your psychological and emotional barriers, which we will help you with.

  • Can I trade the strategy with a 9-5 job?

    Yes. The majority of our members are working 9-5 - both remotely and onsite. We are developing ways to make the system more on a "set and forget approach". All you need to make sure of is that you can check your 15M chart regularly. We enter on the 1M timeframe, but it's very systematic, so you won't be required to stare at the screen all day. And you can also enter solely on the 15M timeframe as well.

  • Is this Program for me?

    Do you like Day Trading and are you looking to build a solid foundation first and then learn how to trade in an extremely systematic manner? Do you want to have a strict trading plan, with all the rules laid out before taking a trade? Do you want to remove all Doubt, Fear, Insecurity and other negative emotions from your daily trading performance? Do you want to dive deeper into concepts that will broaden your view of the market? Do you want to be supported on a personal level and be part of a growing and optimistic trading community? If the answer is Yes, then it's totally suitable for you!

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