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Entrepreneur, Currency Trader

Iliya Sivkov

Hey, I’m Iliya Sivkov and I will provide you with full support towards the achievement of your Trading Mastery! I am a passionate entrepreneur, who has already run 2 online and 1 physical businesses. I've been trading the Forex market for 4 years and it provides me with capital to actively invest in the Stock market and build wealth and passive income. I've got a burning passion for helping and educating other aspired traders. I've come a long and difficult way in my Forex career and I have a mission to help as many traders as possible to avoid the hard path because I know how frustrating and disheartening it can be.

Entrepreneur, Currency Trader

Dewet Willemse

My name is Dewet Willemse and I adore every aspect of trading. I love problem-solving and I believe that if you have all the information needed, you can solve any problem. It is the same with trading - when you have the right rules and parameters in place, trading can become a solved puzzle. I enjoy helping new traders find the missing pieces that will allow them to excel in their trading careers. As a new trader, the markets can be an overwhelming place that often leads to blown accounts and emotional exhaustion. We want to help you see the markets with a birds-eye view knowing when to act and when to wait patiently.

The Advantages of The Fanatic Way

In the vast and complicated world of training, no one should be left behind. That’s why the Fanatic Way is designed to provide you with the daily support and guidance you need to maximize your chances of success in this competitive and volatile market. Comprised of three (3) fully detailed modules which break down literally everything you need to know about trading:

  • A comprehensive coverage of Price Action and Market Structure Trading, that will set a solid foundation for your market analysis.

  • Three easy to apply, systematic and rule-based strategies to apply every single day and

  • Mentorship and Coaching to keep your trading psychology in check and develop a professional trading mindset.

  • Trading Community with motivated students from all across the world, where you can chat, share charts, be coached and achieve different ranks.

But Wait: There’s More

As a bonus to our Masterclasses, you also get lifetime access to the resources you need to dominate the market today, tomorrow and for always:

  • E-Books

    You will receive fully-loaded E-Books specifically designed to summarize all strategies with all the rules, variables, trade setup invalidators and step by step application of the strategies. You will have no excuse for lacking a trading plan!

  • Daily Market Breakdown

    You will be provided with an Exclusive Watchlist and Analysis every single day before Frankfurt open. This will help you prepare for the day and see the strategies develop in real-time. All mentors are sharing their live trades with the team, so we can all capitalize together.

  • Webinars & Workshops

    Take participation in the Weekly Webinars and Workshops! During the Webinars, we go through all of your trades, setups, questions and make sure to clarify your doubts and concerns. The Workshops are live backtesting sessions, strategy applications and further refinements.


See what students think about the mentorship:

Uddipok Kalita

Trading Fanatic has changed the trading game for me. Iliya's approach to the market is quite contemporary and everything he teaches makes sense. It's not just supports and resistances, structure is everything, keeping the trend as my only indicator I have actually learned a lot. Gone through the course and then the webinars, I have cleared so many things and improved my thought process,psychology and boosted my confidence. Needless to say, Iliya is the one of the most sincere and dedicated mentors out there. He is very approachable and he potentially becomes your friend who you actually wants to see you succeed. I really believe anyone who joins our community will get to know the market from a different perspective and will benefit from this fraternity. Join this community and see that Iliya is going to be with you at every step in making you profitable!

Nacho Barreira

I just want to thank Iliya for the dedication he puts in the group! I got here 9 months ago knowing I needed to improve my trading but didn't really know how to. I was still on a demo account. A couple of months later I was operating systematically with clear rules and strategy. Later on, I became regularly profitable and went into real money. Still improving week after week and learning lots from each webinar we do. Can't really wait to see where this path leads me to, but it is sooo promising. Already thinking of getting funded and starting to manage bigger numbers. Thank you, bro! :)

Theodore Kyle

Since I joined the Trading Fanatic family of Iliya, I learned how to read price action and market structure on the lower timeframes and I am very grateful to Iliya for explaining it very well. Iliya is also a very humble and approachable person you can always connect with him through the community and also in DM. I am also glad that my mentor is making himself be a better trader by backtesting the market and sharing it to us so that we will know the thought process of that certain strategy, and that is what you should look for a mentor like him!!!

Stanislav Petrov

Iliya is an amazing mentor and he explains everything in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. The lectures are very well structured and beginner-friendly. The strategies he teaches have strict and clear rules, which don't allow you to make mistakes and overtrade. Since I became a part of the Fanatic community, my understanding of the market has improved significantly!

Aurel Dicu

In last years (too many years) I've tried to learn to trade forex, for hobby and lost my time. Honestly, I tried so many strategies, but it seemed that none of them was the one I needed. I made some money, then I lost everything, but something made me keep pushing. Four and a half months ago, I accidentally discovered a video that made a forex analysis for the week ahead (VOL 42) and I was immediately captivated by the way the analysis was presented, by the pleasant voice and the encouraging tone and confidence of the speaker and by the simplicity of his strategy. In the next two days I watched all the weekly analysis posted before and the explanations that the brave voice presented and I can say that I learned something new and actually beneficial from those videos. Of course I finally saw the man behind the voice and this is how I discovered Iliya Sivkov and his market-structure strategy. The rest is history, I joined the Trading Fanatics community and to be honest, my whole approach to trading has been changed 100%! Personally, thank you Iliya for the time, energy, dedication and knowledge you share with us!

Walter Föhringer

Starting with CFDs in 2014 I had no clue, how the market moves. Therefore I traded like gambling and scrapped my first account in a few month. Then I tried to learn, I saw tons of Videos about market structure, price action and pattern. But no one of this guys published a clear strategy, how to enter the market and where to take profit. So I had a lot of knowledge, but no working strategy and scrapped my second account. Then I got a more detailed course about wolfe waves, ascending broadening wedges, triangles, etc. I traded W1 and D1 timeframes and had therefore to wait weeks to get a 2 R. Still, nothing was clear. Then I saw a video from Iliya and I was surprised how clearly he explains, why and where he opened a trade and took profit. So I gave it a try and booked the lifetime access to his mentorship. Now after 4 weeks at last I have 2 clear strategies that work and the most patient and helpful guy I ever met. I promise you, Iliya is really interested in improving your trading skills. He burns for helping other traders to avoid making all the frustrating experiences, the most people have and had. And the best thing, my trading gets more and more successful, and my trading skills improve every single day. I promise you, booking his course was the best decision, and developed my trading on the next level. I hope to see you soon in our trading community. Thank you Iliya for all your work and effort.

Giorgos Giampouras

The Trading Fanatic Community is perfect for those serious about mastering this art and business of trading. The course content is clear and well taught. If you are willing to put in the work, Iliya will try his best to support you throughout your trading journey and make to get you closest to your goals!

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