What to expect within this course?

This module will enhance and deepen your understanding of how the markets are manipulated and rigged to take your money and leave you with nothing. Tired of getting stopped out? Here you will learn why that occurs and how to take advantage of it!

  • A systematic approach to trading the manipulation that occurs on a daily basis in the markets.

  • Explaining concepts that you can take and apply to your own unique style of trading.

  • Trading Community, where you will receive daily analysis, setups, workshops, webinars and chat to other manipulation traders.

  • Assignments to test your knowledge and understanding of the course. Multiple PDFs and Case Studies to enhance your familiarity to the concepts.

That's not all!

We believe that just watching a course is not enough to make you profitable. Therefore, you will receive:

  • Trading Community

    Within the Trading Community, you will receive tons of value! Pre-London Open analysis, case studies, learning material and most importantly - chat to other like-minded traders!

  • Webinars & Bootcamps

    Each week we host webinars and bootcamps, where you can take participation, show your trades, get feedback and ask questions. During the bootcamps, we enhance our skills, backtest and introduce new refinements to the strategies.

  • 1-1 Sessions

    We care about our students! If you ever have difficulty in understanding a concept or just want to share a chart and ask a question - you will always receive help! Your trades will always be reviewed and given feedback on a 1-1 session.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to DW

    • Chart Setup & Tools

  • 2

    The Toolbox

    • The Framework

    • How to spot Manipulation?

    • Spotting Manipulation Process

    • Using the TDI

    • NY Day Open and Wick Zones

    • Order Blocks

    • Order Blocks 2.0

    • Finding Liquidity

    • Different Manipulation Patterns

  • 3


    • Entry Types

    • Entry Types Live Examples

    • Key Elements to a Trade

    • Trades Example 1

    • Trades Example 2

  • 4


    • How to analyze the Higher Timeframes

    • HTF Ranges. How and when to trade the Pullback

    • When and when not to take a trade

    • Backtesting GU

    • Backtesting EU

  • 5

    The First TFDW Bootcamps - Foundational Knowledge

    • TFDW Bootcamp #1 - In-depth explanation of the manipulation concepts.

    • TFDW Bootcamp #2 - Entry Types and Criteria

    • TFDW Bootcamp #3 - How to Backtest + Q&A

  • 6

    The Second TFDW Bootcamps - Advanced Concepts

    • TFDW Bootcamp #1 - Advanced HTF concepts

    • TFDW Bootcamp #2 - Advanced LTF concepts

  • 7

    Trade Explanations

    • 1. Trade Explanation GOLD (29.09.2021)

    • 2. Trade Explanation NAS100 (29.09.2021)

    • 3. Trade Explanation GBPJPY (29.09.2021)

    • 4. Trade Explanation GU (11.10.2021)

    • 5. Trade Explanation GU (12.10.2021)

  • 8

    Members Backtesting Sessions

    • Bastien's Backtesting Session #1

    • Bastien's Backtesting Session #2

    • Izzy's Backtesting Session Review

    • Paul Bertot's Backtesting Session

    • Milhan's Backtesting Session

  • 9

    DW 2.0

    • Top down analysis: How to Frame a Directional Bias

    • Trading Plan Video 1

  • 10

    Case Studies

    • 1. Case Study EU 14.09.2021

    • 2. Weekly Case Study GU 13-17 September 2021

  • 11

    Supplementary Teaching

    • Supplementary Teaching - HTF to LTF Trading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you share signals?

    Within this community, we do not share signals. We look for people that want to put in the hard work and learn themselves a valuable skill that no one can ever take away. We do realize that there are people that are not able to put in the time and work to make trading a personal skill. We will look at a signal service in the future. For now, you will receive setups, charts, guidance and daily analysis to help you grasp the concepts.

  • For how long do I have access to the course and community?

    Once you purchase the package, you will have Lifetime Access to the community as well as current and new course content. As we grow, and add, so will you.

  • What is the difference between the Fanatic Way and the DW Manipulation Trading system?

    TFW 1.0 and 2.0 will teach you all the basics and set an incredibly strong foundation for your success. They are mainly continuation strategies. Within the DW Manipulation Course, you will look deeper into the market and discover new concepts that will start building on top of the foundation. Combining DW with TFW is your target. You will learn how to catch the bottom of the move with a sniper entry and then use continuation entries to scale in.

  • Why should I learn about manipulation?

    You don’t need to take advantage of the manipulation trading strategy, but knowing this information will improve your trading and take it to the next level. Understanding when and where manipulation happens will give you an in-depth understanding of how the markets move and generate liquidity for big moves.

  • Do I have to pay separately for DW and TFW?

    No! You get absolutely everything once you purchase the package. In total, you will receive lifetime access to 3 courses and trading community.

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